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  • 6th January

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Shawl Pins Swarovski Crystal - Ball Hank & Skein Catalogue:

Shawl Pins Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Crystal pins.

Decorative pins / broaches to hold your knitting wear in place. Once you have knitted a few shawls or wraps, you will want to keep them on your shoulders. Our Swarovski Crystal shawl pins are particularly appealing and make wonderful gifts for any knitter. made from highly sought after tropical hardwoods, often used in jewlery making, that are sold under license by sustainable forestry companies.

Swarovski Crystal Pins with shaped tips (9cm, 3.5 inch).

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Image: Details: Price: Qty Avail: Qty / Add To Basket:
Shawl Pins / Swarovski Crystal / 3 Diamond
3 Diamond 15.99 4 available
Shawl Pins / Swarovski Crystal / Circle Top
Circle Top 15.99 6 available
Shawl Pins / Swarovski Crystal / Diamond Top
Diamond Top 14.95 8 available
Shawl Pins / Swarovski Crystal / Oval Top
Oval Top 14.99 6 available
Shawl Pins / Swarovski Crystal / SC Triangle
SC Triangle 14.99 5 available