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  • 6th January

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Katia Evita Merino - Ball Hank & Skein Catalogue:

Katia Evita Merino

“Fur” is in fashion this Autumn / fall. Fur is showing up on jackets, vests and coats, on boots and shoes, as trim on gloves and handbags and on scarves. We have a yarn from Katia Evita Merino is a premium quality pure thick-and-thin merino wool with faux fur pompoms attached to the yarn! It is suitable for beautiful winter accessories such as scaves, hats and handbags…but let your imagination run wild! 70% Virgin Merino Wool, 30% Synthetic Fur. Knit on 8mm needles, you can knit a scarf from just one hank. Free Patterns available. Related scarf yarns include Aloha, Azahar, Big Snow, Boreal, Bossa Nova, Chicago, Frida, Funny, Gala, Lolita, Marilyn, Ondas, Papillon, Park Avenue, Rizos, Rocio, Ronda, Sabrina, Sole, Sophie, Toledo, Topi, Triana, Tutu, Velvet, Vienna, Zenith.

  • Brand: Katia,
  • Product: Evita Merino,
  • Fibre/Blend: 100% Virgin Merino Wool 30% area covered in Fur,
  • Yarn Weight: Chunky/Bulky,
  • Ball Weight: 100g,
  • Length: 60m / 66yds,
  • Needle: 8-10mm (USA 15),

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Katia / Evita Merino / 40 (Ecru Silver Racoon)
40 (Ecru Silver Racoon) 19.99 18 available
Katia / Evita Merino / 41 (Black Silver Fox)
41 (Black Silver Fox) 19.99 2 available
Katia / Evita Merino / 42 (Black Chinchilla)
42 (Black Chinchilla) 19.99 1 available
Katia / Evita Merino / 43 (Black Beaver)
43 (Black Beaver) 19.99 8 available

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